Work Smarter with Your Dynamic AutoCAD Blocks Source.
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A Time Saving Tool.

Dynamic Blocks Cabinet Section - Using Example 03
Let’s face it, many cabinets are drawn and redrawn in much the same way and the work is time consuming and repetitive. "The Block Factory" changes everything. My name is Mark Everett, owner of Everett Drafting and Design, and I created The Block Factory in order to simplify the drawing process. Today, my AutoCAD generated dynamic blocks continue to save me time. Now, you too can have access to my incredible, dynamic blocks. My dynamic blocks have action and/or intelligence based on which parameters you attach to them. Move, Scale, Stretch, Polar Stretch, Rotate, Flip, Array, or Lookup are some of the action functions you may use. Just think of the possibilities. Through the use of my dynamic blocks, a standard block can be changed into an infinite number of blocks!
Let me tell you a little bit about my dynamic blocks. In the commercial woodworking industry, drawing plastic laminate cabinets can be very repetitive. So, I created dynamic blocks of the most commonly used cabinets and related millwork items. Their built-in flexibility variables allow each block to conform not only to almost every millwork shops’ construction needs, but also to the needs of each project. These variables are explained in more detail on my Instructions page. My cabinet section blocks have so many different preset parameters and actions they can be changed into hundreds of different blocks. Adaptable and flexible, my dynamic blocks save you time and increase your productivity. Work Smarter with your dynamic AutoCAD blocks source – The Block Factory.